APASWE is delighted to co-sponsor:
(A) One-time events (e.g. seminars, workshops, and symposiums),
(B) Long-lasting projects (e.g. research and education/training), and
(C) Others for mutual benefits of member schools and the APASWE. Conditions for an application are as follows:

  1. The applicant: Must be an APASWE member school or country/region.
  2. The purpose of the events, projects and others: Must be congruent with ones of the APASWE (see the APASWE Constitution).
  3. The content: Must not contain any ethical problems as professional social workers and researchers.
  4. Participating: Must be member schools at least from three different countries and regions as a principle.
  5. The applicant form: Must be submitted to President of APASWE by a month before in case of (A), and by three months before in case of (B) and (C). (attached)
  6. Decision: Co-sponsorship is decided by the APASWE executive board of directors.
  7. The result report: Must be submitted within a month after in case of (A) and within three months in case of (B) and (C) by the applicant. (no specific form)
  8. APASWE’s obligation and contribution: The APASWE does not owe any financial obligation because of this co-sponsorship while it contributes in non-financial forms (e.g. know-how, human resource and moral support) as much as possible.

APASWE may support expenses for the following items for co-sponsored events, projects, etc:

  • a) Banners, posters, flyers, etc for advertisement (the name of APASWE must be on them): Up to [US$50]b) Translation/interpretation cost: Reasonable market price
 (c) Printing result reports: Up to [US$100]
(d) A round trip air ticket for an invitee from another country/region in the APASWE region who plays a major role in the event, project, etc: Reasonably lowest fare.
  • “Catering morning tea, coffee, lunch, dinner, etc” will not be included at this moment, considering the sentiment of "tax payers" who may hesitate to pay their dues for their colleagues’ eating and drinking. The primary mission of the APASWE is the communication and exchange among member schools in different countries/regions.
  • If the amount of (b) and/or (d) exceeds [US$150], the expenses for (a)+(c) are not paid.
  • The figures of the US$ above should be tentative.
  • The recipient must refer to the fact that the event, project, etc has been supported by APASWE verbally in the event, etc, and in printed form in the final report.
  • The endorsement of a Board member is necessary for the application of these grants.
  • Receipts and result reports, if any, should be sent to APASWE Treasurer and President respectively.

Download : Application Form