• Our Activities

Our Activities

  1. Biannual international Social Work Conference in various cities;
  2. Exchange of (1) information and communication including website, information of conferences and the delivery of email “Check it Out! APASWE”, and (2) human resources including researchers, teachers and students;
  3. Sponsorship and cosponsorship of various international conferences, workshops, meetings and research project;
  4. Technical assistance with planning, implementing and evaluating curricula and programs to member and to various levels of governments;
  5. The publication of Newsletters and books;
  6. Small Grant Program to assist your research;
  7. Various services and projects in collaboration with IASSW (International Association of Schools of Social Work) e.g. the international definition of social work review project and the data collection for the world census.

Without your participation, APASWE will not be complete as an association for the Asian and pacific region. Your joining APASWE means a lot to us!!