• President’s Message

President’s Message

President’s Message

01Greetings to all. I am honored and at the same time humbled to be the President of APASWE for the next four years. Several times I have been asked to run for the post and have turned it down. This time around, due to the persuasion of good friends from various countries, I reluctantly accepted it. To be serving a large organization such as APASWE will be a challenge, but with the team that has been elected, we shall strive to meet the objectives of APASWE for the benefit of us all. Hence, I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to those who have persuaded, nominated and counseled me during the entire election period. My intended prime mission during my tenure is to make the association visible especially to the members across the region. To that end, we have to go back to the mission of APASWE - social work education. Activities developed and planned for the future should have that aim in mind. Collaborations with universities and local associations should be gearing towards enhancing social work education in serving society. Thanks to previous president, especially Prof. Tatsuru Akimoto, APASWE has a healthy membership both institutionally and individually. APASWE activities should go beyond the bi-annual conference with IFAP. While the conference is like a tradition that cannot be missed, we should think of other activities that gear towards the advancement of social work education amongst us educators. I am open to suggestions from all and will try to meet the requests within the capabilities that we have. One idea that is playing in mind is Open and Distance Learning (ODL). It seems that 21st century education has moved away from the traditional classroom model to be a more online experience. A discussion should be initiated amongst us as to how social work education can be part of the changes. With our institutional membership of over 200 universities/colleges, definitely there are opportunities for us to collaborate. Whichever university that wishes to undertake the ODL platform, can utilize the many educators amongst us. Distance should not be a barrier as long as the internet connection is good. The Board is here at the service of all of you. We need to hear your voices and where we are able, we shall respond kindly. We have the manpower and intellectual resources. Finally, to our local partners in Japan, S. Korea, China, Australia and New Zealand, we need your active participation because you all have amongst the largest members. So, let us work together to serve society with its myriad of issues through what we are good at – social work education.

President’s Message in Japanese

Salam (Peace)

Zulkarnain Hatta
President APASWE Oct 2017

Message from Dr Tracie Mafile’o

It is indeed an honor to serve as an APASWE Board member to promote exchange and cooperation in social work education across the Asia and Pacific region. By working together, APASWE is well positioned to undergird the development of social work education which ultimately forges social justice and social development for families and communities across our region. I believe APAWSE has a key leadership role in supporting partnerships to foster culturally relevant social work education and practice. I am committed to promoting indigenous knowledge in the region and my vision includes enhanced Pacific participation and voice in APASWE and creating positive collegial relationships to effectively address social justice, equality and social development.

Message from Dr. Viktor Virag

It is an honor to be awarded the confidence to serve as a Board Member. I would like to faithfully fulfill every duty assigned to me and truthfully represent all members.

Considering my background as stated in my Bio below, I plan to focus on strengthening relationships between APASWE and other stakeholders on all levels. Given my roots and personal networks around the world, I hope to contribute to APASWE’s global links. Based on my experience with Asian and Pacific organizations, I wish to facilitate beneficial collaboration on the regional level. Building on my work at JASWE (formerly JASSW), I feel that I could promote ties with national associations.

I will do my best to respond to members’ whishes and to further organizational progress primarily with harmonious and peaceful relationships in mind that are worthy of not just APASWE, but social work itself.

Message from Dr David Rose

Warm greetings to all in the APASWE network. It is an honor to serve as Secretary on the APASWE Board and I look forward to working with fellow Board members and APASWE members over the coming term. Social work education across our diverse Asia-Pacific region is at various stages of development. This presents challenges, but many opportunities within the context of a rapidly changing educational environment due to factors such as technological advancements . A strong social work education sector will provide the foundation for the growth and development of social work across the region and APASWE has a key role to play in forging links between education providers. I hope to contribute to the ongoing development of APASWE as a unifying force for a strong social work education sector across our region and always welcome contact from members with your suggestions or concerns.