• Co-Sponshorship


Co-sponsorship Rules

APASWE is delighted to co-sponsor: (A) One-time events (e.g. conferences, seminars, workshops, and symposiums), (B) Long-lasting projects (e.g. research, capacity building activities such as education/training and book projects), and (C) Others for mutual benefit of member schools and the APASWE.  Conditions for an application are as follows:

  1. The applicant must be an institutional APASWE member.
  2. The purpose of the events, projects and others must be congruent with ones of the     APASWE (See the APASWE Constitution).
  3. The content must align with ethical principles for professional social workers and researchers.
  4. Participants for conferences and the like must, as a principle, are member schools from different countries and regions.
  5. The applicant form must be submitted to the President or Secretary of APASWE at least a month prior to the event in case of (A), and three months prior in case of (B) and (C) (see applicant form).
  6. Decision in co-sponsorship is decided by the majority of APASWE’s Board members.
  7. The applicant must submit the event’s report within a month after in case of (A) and within three months in case of (B) and (C).
  8. APASWE’s obligation and contribution: The APASWE is not obliged to contribute to any financial request. In the event that the assistance is approved, it can be in the form of finance and/or non-finance (e.g. expertise, human resource and moral support).

Operational Regulations

  1. Max contribution of US700 for applicant who is qualified as determined by the Board.
  2. APASWE supports expenses for the following items for co-sponsored events, projects, etc.: translation, banners, posters, and flyers (for advertisement and the name of APASWE must be on them), and other related costs for organization.
  3. The recipient must refer to the fact that the event, project, etc., has been supported by APASWE verbally in the event, etc., and in printed form in the final report.
  4. Receipts and final reports must be sent to APASWE’s Treasurer, Secretary and President respectively within a month after in case of (A) and within three months in case of (B) and (C).

Download : Application Form