• CHECK IT OUT! APASWE No.7(2013-2015) From President Office November, 2014

CHECK IT OUT! APASWE No.7(2013-2015) From President Office November, 2014

No.7(2013-2015) from President Office November, 2014

Message from Dr. Fentiny Nugroho, President,APASWE

Dear our Friends,

During the Joint World Conference in Melbourne, Australia from July 9-12, 2014, the APASWE booth was visited by many delegates. They were interested in learning more about our organization. Our association colleagues Ms. Kana and Ms. Sakamoto extended warm welcome to the visitors and enlightened them with APASWE work in the region. At the booth, we distributed several flyers on APASWE and its role in the region, Regional Conference 2015 in Bangkok, Centre for Asian Social Welfare-Japan College of Social Work and Journal of Social Work and Development etc. We also exhibited our publications, such as the History of APASWE and several seminars and research in collaboration with Japan College of Social Work. Book Publications of APASWE, intended for sale were sold out.

A half-day meeting was held for APASWE members and we would like to thank IASSW for providing us with the necessary facilities. Many delegates from number of regional countries attended this meeting. Delegates from Macau registered as new members. A self-introductory of the board was held, namely the Immediate Past President (Prof Tatsuru Akimoto), President (Fentiny Nugroho, Ph.D), Vice President (Ass Prof Zulkarnain Hatta), Secretary (Dr. Decha Sungkawan) and Board member (Ass Prof. Mark Henrickson). We also explained about our organization and the benefit to the members. It was a useful meeting with lots of discussion and sharing with no short of humor.
There was good news to share. A session held by IASSW, where prominent personnel were recognized for their dedication and commitment. Our immediate past President, Prof Tatsuru Akimoto received this accolade, which he rightfully deserved.

Lastly, regarding the membership, It is great to note that when Compared to the other regional associations, IASSW membership from Asia Pacific is the highest. I am also very thankful for all the members for joining APASWE.

Joint World Conference on Social Work, Education,
and Social Work Development in Melbourne

The conference was held in Melbourne, Australia from July 9 to 12, 2014. Many attendees from Europe, North and South America, Africa as well as Asia visited APASWE booth. We discussed regarding social work, education and how to develop and continue to support each other. Many participants agree with our activities and enrolled as APASWE members. We have 41 new individual members from Nepal, Philippines, Australia, India and others, and also 9 new institutional members from Thai, Dhaka, India, Philippine and others at this conference. At present there are 293 institutional members and 169 individual members. We are very proud that APASWE is growing stronger every year.

One-day Definition Workshop

Following the conference, APASWE held a one-day workshop on 14th July at ACAP Melbourne Campus.

28 people of Aotearoa New Zealand, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Japan attended the workshop.Prof. Mark Henrickson of the APASWE board presented the context and purpose of this workshop. The new definition allows for an amplification of the definition at regional and national levels. The purpose of the workshop was to agree if we wanted Asia-Pacific amplification and if so, what that amplification should look like. Representative from each country attending this workshop presented brief summaries of the key concerns from each nation.

The key words are Altruism, Domestic violence, Disaster, Care, Unemployment, Evidence-based, Poverty, Community, Rediscover, Indigenous, Equilibrium, Re-firm, Traditional, Ethics, Family systems/kinship cultures/approaches, Harmony of approaches, Feminist discourse, Spirituality and Corruption.

The ways and means of coordinating this process with IFSW and APASWE will be developed. A working group was launched in order to summarize the report towards APC23 in Bangkok next year. The members are Finaflor Taylan (Philippines), Barbara Staniforth (Aotearoa NewZealand), Tasturu Akimoto(Japan), Howkee Ling (Malaysia), Kanya Eka Santi (Indonesia), Decha Sungkawan (Thailand), Mark Henrickson (Aotearoa New Zealand).

We expect that a final amplification can be agreed and submitted to the meeting in Bangkok, October 2015 for further ratification.


APASWE has the Election in 2015.

We inform that the Executive Board decided Dr. Tatsuru Akimoto, immediate president to APASWE as the chairperson of the Nominating Committee at executive board meeting in Melbourne 2014. We will expect for vacant positions of Vice president, Treasurer and 2 Committee members which are 2 years terms.

If you have comments and suggestions regarding “CHECK IT OUT! APASWE”, we are welcome and please contact the President Office.

Mail to apaswe.office@gmail.com