• CHECK IT OUT! APASWE No.7(2011-2013), 5 March 2012

CHECK IT OUT! APASWE No.7(2011-2013), 5 March 2012

CHECK IT OUT!APASWE No.7(2011-2013), 5 March 2012

Definition and Agenda

Two major concerns among international social work community (IASSW、IFSW、ICSW) in these few years have been (1) reviewing the international definition of social work and (2) drawing up Global Agenda. Attached are some information which were obtained during the IASSW board meeting held in Jakarta on 28-30 January and after. Just for your reference.

(1)International Definition of Social Work
Latin America (Brazil), Asian and Pacific and African regions have made proposals to revise the current international definition of social work. North American and European regions seem to be less eager to change. This difference itself may symbolize the problem of the present definition. The "definition has been in force for ten years although it has not been supported by all member countries. The Latin American countries, for example, do no feel they are represented." "....in Montreal, the Latin American countries['] position was defeated and the definition was approved with a recommendation to be revised the years later, in 2010." The proposals by the Brazilian Board of Social Work (CFESS), an IFSW working group' "very early draft", the IASSW board's counter
proposal and a new IASSW proposal has been attached. They are just the base for discussion towards Stockholm Conference.

(2) Global Agenda
The final version of "The Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Development: Commitment to Action”has been published. Between 2012 and 2016, efforts will be focused on the following four areas: Promoting social and economic equalities; Promoting the dignity and worth of peoples; Working toward environmental sustainability; and Strengthening recognition of the importance of human relationships. This will be handed to the United Nations on World Social Work Day on 20 March and "UN Social Work Day" on 26 March. The week is named "World Social Work Action Week. All countries, regions and schools are expected to take actions.