• CHECK IT OUT! APASWE No.5 (2011-2013),1 January 2012

CHECK IT OUT! APASWE No.5 (2011-2013),1 January 2012

Happy 2012 to All APASWE Members!

APASWE Executive Board Members
Tatsuru Akimoto, Mark Henrickson Polly Yeung, Zulkarnain Hatta, Amarawansa Ranaweera, Decha Sungkawan, Fentiny Nugroho, Hy-Bin Han, Bala Raju Nikku, Dixon Sookraj

2013 APASWE/IFSW(AP) Asian Pacific Conference in The Philippines

The 2013 APASWE/IFSW(AP) Asian Pacific Social Work Conference will be held in the Philippines —
jointly announced by APASWE and IFSW(AP).  The bidders were the University of Philippine representing APASWE and the Philippines Association of Social Workers Inc. representing IFSW(AP).  We wish them great success in organizing the 2013 conference. The theme and dates will be decided soon by the Philippines local organization committee through the discussion with the APASWE and IFSW(A).

The APASWE received two other excellent biddings from Vietnam and Indonesia. The IFSW(AP), however, judged that the lack of IFSW membership disqualified them from the competition. We would like to encourage them to bid for future conferences.

APASWE History Research Project

A small group of researchers in Japan conducted an APASWE history research under the auspices of Mizuho Social Welfare Support Foundation, a Japanese bank-related organization, with the support of the APASWE Board, and recently submitted their internal report to the funder. The researchers said that the report was still preliminary and not ready to be published. The second stage of the research will be continued this year, and with the hope of finding more financial support.

The APASWE was established in 1974 as ARASWE (Asian Region Association for Social Work Education) and renamed in 1981 as APASWE. The core key persons for the establishment were Dr. Angelina Almanzor (The Philippine) and Dr. Armaity Desai, the first ARASWE President (India). They, as well as other previous Presidents and active participants, were interviewed.