• CHECK IT OUT! APASWE No.2 (2011-13), 1 September 2011

CHECK IT OUT! APASWE No.2 (2011-13), 1 September 2011

Check It Out! APASWE

No.2 (2011-13), 1 September 2011

New Executive Board Starts!  2011-2013 Committees 
The new Executive Board of Directors of APASWE has started working to promote social work education and a members’ exchange in the Region.  A number of working committees have been formed, as below.  Please feel free to contact board members in charge at  presidentoffice@apaswe.com

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

  1. Committees for Organizing (all members)
  2. Website (Zulkarnain Hatta)
  3. Newsletter (Fentiny Nugroho & Polly Yeung)
  4. Definition Project (Mark Henrickson & Hye Bin Han)
  5. Global Agenda (Hye Bin Han)
  6. APASWE History Writing Project (Tatsuru Akimoto)
  7. Development & Nominating (Decha Sungkawan)
  8. Next Regional Conference (Tatsuru Akimoto, Mark Henrickson & Decha Sungkawan)
  9. Small Grant Program (Hye Bin Han, Bala Raju Nikku & Polly Yeung)
  10. Education (Mark Henrickson, Decha Sungkawan, Zulkarnain Hatta, Hye Bin Han & Amarawana Ranaweera)

New President’s Office contact:  presidentoffice@apaswe.com
The President’s Office is at the same postal address as before:  
Social Work Research Institute Asian Center for Welfare in Society
Japan College of Social Work
3-1-3, Takeoka, Kiyose
Tokyo 204-8555.

The President’s Assistant has changed.  Ms. Takae Itakura, who served for the previous term, is leaving the office and Ms. Etsuko Sakamoto and Ms. Kana Matsuo are the new assistants.  We all know and appreciate Ms. Itakura’s enormous effort for and dedication to APASWE.  She has mainly functioned as communicator among member schools and national associations as well as board members.  We believe many of you had an excellent and pleasant time with her.  The Japanese Association of Schools of Social Work financially supported her work.  Thank you, Takae, very much!
Ms. Sakamoto and Ms. Matsuo worked at ISS (International Social Services Japan) several years ago and assisted with the 21st Asian and Pacific Social Work Conference recently.  Ms. Sakamoto has lived in the United Sates for two years and Ms. Matsuo spent three years in Fiji. 

President Office,
Assistant to President