CHECK IT OUT! APASWE : No.18 (2015-2017)

CHECK IT OUT! APASWE : No.18 (2015-2017)
APASWE’s Project on Social Work Program in Myanmar

Decha Sungkawan, PhD
Secretary of APASWE (Thailand)

The APASWE Board meeting in October 2015 in Bangkok has adopted the project on social work program in Myanmar and assigned APASWE Secretary to be a liaison person on the project.

APASWE Secretary has pursued the progressiveness of the project on strengthening an existing social work education and possible of establishing social work program in Myanmar through the supports of the ASEAN members. In January 2016 the representatives of; Thailand Ministry of Social Development and Human Security on behalf of ASEAN Social Work Consortium, Thai Association of Social Work and Social Welfare Education, Thailand Association of Social Workers, and Thailand’s Council of Social Work Profession have attended the meeting to discuss the possibility to support in developing an existing Myanmar Department of Social Welfare’s Graduate Diploma in Social Work Program to be a full social work degree program as requested by Myanmar’s Department of Social Welfare and the meeting agreed to form a working group on the project to support in strengthening social work education in Myanmar. The working group is expected to meet with Myanmar’s concerned officials in Bangkok soon to discuss the further details on the project. It is likely that the project will be the collaboration of all concerned parties including; ASEAN Social Work Consortium, APASWE, Myanmar Ministry of Education, Myanmar Department of Social Welfare, Yangon University, the social service agencies and the social work educators and practitioners both in public as well as private and international service organizations such as UNICEF and Save the Children who are now providing services in Myanmar and in the region.