CHECK IT OUT! APASWE : No. 24 (2017)

World Social Work Day 2017
Report from Bangladesh

Md. Habibur Rahman
Head. Dept. of SSW
The People's University of Bangladesh
Member of APASWIE


A Scene of the WSWD 2017

You all will be ye, delighted to see the Dept. of Sociology & Social Work of The People's University of Bangladesh where I am the head of the department, little efforts to celebrate the WSWD 2017. We have organized a two days event. On 21. March 2017, we hold a grand colorful rally and pre seminar workshop on the global agenda. Our all dignified faculty members, guest speakers from different development organizations and our students participated to the pre seminar mini workshop and discussion. In that event, the faculty members and guests shared their knowledge and ideas on the social work's present status M the community development field in Bangladesh They also highlighted the necessity and scope of social work in national image building mission.

A Snapshot from our 2. National Seminar

On 22nd March 2017, we have had a day long National Seminar on the WSWD 2017 theme "Promoting Community and Environmental Sustainability". This is in fact such a grand event for the second time in Bangladesh at the auspicious occasion of the World Social Work Day (WSWD) celebration. To mark the day significant, we have invited a number of eminent social work academics, government high officials of social services department and prominent development activists talk on diverse community developments issues. Approximately 200 delegates from different organizations along with the students of Sociology & Social Work discipline of our University


Token Appreciation handed over to the Panel

Sessions of the Seminar

The National Seminar held on 22. March 2017 included two technical sessions, extempore speech, motivational presentation and talk from the gallery. At the inception of the seminar, honourable Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University Mr. Md, Shirajul Islam Mollah, MP was present as Chief Guest and Professor Dr. Shamima Nasrin Shined honorable Member Secretary of BoT, Vice Chancellor and Registrar were present as Special Guests along with deans of the Faculties, Heads of the departments and other faculty members. After the inception, keynote speech was given by globally renound social work scholar and philanthropist Professor Dr. P. C Sarker, honorable Vice Chancellor of Royal University of Dhaka. Professor Dr. Md. Abul Hossen, Head of Social Work department ofJagannath University chaired the session and Dr. Uttam Kumar Das, Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Planning was panel discussant on the session. Professor PC Sarker presented his keynote speech on " Original Trend of Development of Social Work Education and Social Work Practice across the East and West". He coverd the background history of social work education and practice over the east and west lastly focusing on the situation of social work practice in Bangladesh Dr Abu Jamil Faisel, Chairman, Health21 was the chairperson of another technical session where Ms. Debry, honorable country director of Institute of Wellbeing and Eng.Shakil Khan were present as speakers. They all delivered their talks on sustainable development, environmental sustainability and community development. Apart from the technical session, Professor Masuada M. Rashid Chowdhury chaired the session while Mr Mokhlesur Rahman, honorable Er Secretary. We had the opportunity to have the valuable speech for many other distinguished speakers from diversed fields.


Congregation of Social Workers

The event of this year will bear a long way memory in the hearts of all social workers in our country. Our efforts of WSWD 2017 celebration seas not kept limited within our premise rather we had tried to circulate and incorporate the people from all walks of life. As we have been marching with the Colorful Rally which fascinated numerous roadside walkers and impacted on their minds. This events were highlighted both in electronic and print media that also reflected greatly. In fact, our National Seminar to celebrate WSWD 2017, was really a pioneering footstep in our country in terms of Social Work internalization and practice. In the Rally, Md. Habibur Rahman. Head of Sociology & Social Work department, Professor Masada M. Rashid Chowdhury, honorary dean of social science faculty were seen in front line along with other colleagues and students. It was really a great pleasure for us to have the valued presence of honorable Vice Chancellor, Professor Dr. Moh. Amin Uddlin Mridha and Mr.Mohammed Mufakker, honorable Registrar of the university wished us and launched the Rally.


The Rally on March

Event Associates: We are whole heartedly grateful to the organizations i.e. EngenderHealth. HealtI21, Uttara Development Program Society (UDPS), The Hunger Project, Amra Sobai Foundation, The Pacific Group, The Institute of Wellbeing. Work for Better Bangladesh Trust (WBB), MUB92, Bangladesh Association of Sign Language Interpreters (BASLI), RED BEE and so on for their cordial supports.