CHECK IT OUT! APASWE: No. 32 (2018)

Annual Social Work Camp 2018

Social Work section, Prince of Songkla University, Pattani Campus, Thailand


  1. 1. Dr. Kumarashwaran Vadevelu (Social Work Lecturer, PSU)
  2. 2. Miss Jutarat Saengtong (Social Work Lecturer, PSU)
  3. 3. Miss Varunya Imem Temrat (Social Work Lecturer, PSU)

Date: 16-18 April 2018

Venue: Padang Besar, Sadao

On 16-18 April, the social work section, Prince of Songkla University, Pattani Campus Thailand had their annual social work camp at Padang Besar, Sadao district, Thailand which involved all social work lectures and 200 social work student at the bachelor degree level. Besides that, delegates for this program included social work educators, social work practitioners, social work students and policy makers. Each year the 2nd year social work students will host this social work camp and this year the theme “Relationship Power Within” was chosen for this camp related with social work principle in empowering community in achieving equilibrium and homeostasis within the local community. The main objective for this social work camp was to provide “Biopsychosocial–Spiritual” support to the local community and creating a great university community engagement by providing social services to several community members who needed care and support.

The camp provides sufficient opportunities to fine the interpersonal relationship skills by the social work students which can be applied through community engagement activities during this camp. Through this community engagement camp, they try to explore the models of group work and community organization, the types, principles, values, skills and techniques used during the camp.

On the first day the program started by conducting ice breaking activity which have established some commonality among social work students. One way to do this is to incorporate group activities, such as icebreakers, team building activities, and energizers. These ice breaking activities have really help participants learn each other's names and getting to know each other.

On the second day, the participants started to community outreach by Identify and understand the neighborhood’s demographic and cultural influences. The participants were divided in 10 groups and each group had visited several villages. The participants have opportunity to have a better understanding about the way of life of the local community especial social issues surrounding over here. At end of the day, all groups needed to do community mapping and have to present outcome of their community outreach. Besides community outreach activities, all group have given several task especially helping the local community. For example some groups were given task to clean up the Samakom Thaipletya 2 school ground and local Muslim mosque. During night time, the social work student together with the local community had performed live stage performance show such as dancing and singings. During the stage show, food fair also been served which the local community members were welcome to join the food fair. During these events, students and local community have great opportunity establishing rapport which was a great.

On the third day, before the participant ended the social work camp, the social work camp committee member expressed their gratitude to the local committee members especially the school principal of Samakom Thaipletya 2, Padang Besar, Thailand for helping us and giving great support for conducting this camp. All the participant felt blessed for giving the opportunity to service the local community especially giving place to conduct the social work camp.


Social Work students of Prince of Songkla University, Pattani Campus, Thailand were able to gain in professional skills such as leadership, communication, team work, organization, coordination, cooperation and established rapport building with the local community.