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Social Work in Health and Mental Health
By: ICSW2019 Organizing Committee



About ICSW 2019

The first International Conference on Social Work (ICSW) in Health and Mental Health has concluded its work successfully this time in University of Muhammadiyah Jakarta, Indonesia.

The conference was organized by Social Welfare Department of Faculty of Social and Political Science University of Muhammadiyah Jakarta with support of California State University Dominguez Hills, USA and Pacific University, Oregon USA, and sponsored by APASWE.  

ICSW 2019 is a forum to bring together social work practitioners, researchers and educators, alongside service users and care takers, to discuss diverse good practice in social work and new agendas for social work practice and research in health and mental health services.  

Hundreds of attendees, paper presenters, keynote and tutorial participants, students have benefited in many ways from this conference. More than seventy papers were presented by authors from Sumatera to Papua, along with Malaysians from prominent Universities. Keynote Speakers from different countries addressed to audience and shared knowledge and rich experience of application of social work practices in health and mental health.

Faculty of Social and Political Science (FISIP) University of Muhamamdiyah Jakarta

ICSW2019 topics include, but are not limited to, the following research and development areas / fields classified into 20 topics;

  1. Social work intervention for prevention and promoting of health and mental health
  2. Hospital social work/medical social work
  3. Hospital as a family unit and medical social workers as pillars
  4. Promoting environmental sustainability and health
  5. Social work in practice in promotion of organ donation
  6. Social work practice in the field of mental health
  7. Social work practice in the field of maternity and child health
  8. Social work in public health issues - creation of a healthy society
  9. Social work practice in the field of disability
  10. Social work practice in health care system
  11. Social work education, action and impact
  12. Oncology social work
  13. Disaster social work
  14. Geriatric social work and dementia care
  15. Social work in Hospice and Palliative care
  16. Military social work and veteran health
  17. Forensic social work
  18. Addiction social work
  19. Corporate social responsibility in prevention and promotion of health issues
  20. Other theme related ~ Social science and health care issues

Welcoming and Opening Ceremony

The first day of conference started with Welcoming and Opening Ceremony at the Main Hall of Faculty of Social and Political Science, University of Muhammadiyah Jakarta. Professsor Syaiful Bakhri, Rector of the University of Muhammadiyah Jakarta addressed to participants with short welcoming speeches, followed by The ICSW 2019 General Chair, Professor Adi Fachrudin, greeted participants in his welcoming remarks.  Saman, a traditional dance from Aceh, a northern end of Sumatera, performed nicely at the Opening Ceremony.


Rector - Professor Syaiful Bakhri, SH., MH

Keynote Speeches

Professor Paul DuongTran, Chair Department of Social Work College of Health, Human Service, and Nursing California State University, Dominguez Hills.

The danger of air pollution has become a global burden.  85% of the world’s population lives in areas where WHO air quality guidelines are exceeded. Air Quality in ASEAN by City are as follows; Hanoi, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Ho Chi Minh, Jakarta, Manila, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur.  The latter threes are safer than the others . In California, children are in danger as a cause of air pollution.  They suffer from asthma.  To protect the environment and provide people a better health condition, researchers must hand in hand, conduct an interdisciplinary involvement in Public Health, Environment Health, Community Health, Social Work, Education, Science Education, Clinical Science, and Reproductive Endocrinology.   International Funding therefore, is a mandatory.

Keynote Speeches


Professor Paul is delivering his keynote speech

Dr. Don Schweitzer, Associate Professor of Social Work at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon, USA.

The use of Integrated Behavioral Health and Primary Care is growing rapidly in the United States. Although the profession of social work has long been at the intersection of behavioral health and primary care, there are challenges with implementing models of interdisciplinary teamwork. This presentation will review the Core Competencies for Integrated Behavioral Health and Primary Care developed by the U.S. Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA), the challenges associated with this type of work, and ideas for successful implementation. Additionally, we will explore opportunities for collaboration between professionals, academics and students.


Keynote Speeches


Prof. Paul and Dr. Schweitzer, in a discussion session.

University of Muhammadiyah Jakarta & Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Malaysia & Japan College of Social Work, Japan

The keynote speech is devoted to the stated problem from the point of view of practical experience and research. The domain of oncology social work includes the psychosocial component of coping with cancer. Oncology social workers attend to the whole patient in collaboration with the multidisciplinary health care team. Social Work plays a critical role in oncology for its distinctive knowledge and skills to include expertise in navigating medical and social system, and multisystem interventions address the patient’s complex challenges at a bio-psychosocial, family, community, educational, health care system, and practical level. The opportunities for Oncology Social Workers in Indonesia are increasingly open and wide but with serious challenges.

Professor Adi Fahrudin as third keynote speaker 


Marshan Susanto (50) sharing his experiences during the conference.  He was a Coachman when finding a mentally ill man in a dumpsite 14 years ago .  He is now a truly social worker who owns Yayasan Al-Fajar Berseri Rehabilitation Center in Bekasi West Java.  Marsan managed to cure his first patient within 3 months from one person with mental illness, then 20 people in 2015, now reaching nearly 400 people with mental disorders treated by Marsan.

Paper Presenters

Participants from all over Indonesia and some from Malaysia, have been submitted their research-based papers.  Submitters are among leading universities in Indonesia such as University of Indonesia (Jakarta), University of Padjadjaran (Bandung), Unviesity of Gadjah Mada (Yogyakarta), Unviersity of Bengkulu, University of Lampung, Unviersity of Cendrawasih (Papua), Unversity of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, and several others.  There were also papers from social work practitioners working in hospitals.  Malaysian scholars participated in the conference as the come from National University of Malaysia, University of Sains Malaysia, and Universiti of Malaysia Sabah.  

All accepted papers had been categorized into the following sessions:

  • Hospital Social Work / Medical Social Work / Correctional Social Work
  • Hospital as Human Service Organization
  • Promoting Environmental Sustainability and Health/ Social Work in the Field of Maternity and Child Health
  • Social Work Practice in The Field of Mental Health/Social Work in Health Care System
  • Social Work Practice in The Field of Maternity and Child Health
  • Social Work Practice in The Field Of Disability/ Geriatric Social Work and Dementia Care
  • Oncology Social Work/Disaster Social Work/Addiction Social Work
  • Corporate Social Responsibility In Prevention and Promotion of Health Issues
  • Social Work Intervention for Prevention and Promoting of Health and Mental Health
  • Social Work in Public Health Issues - Creation of Healthy
  • Other Themes Related (Social Science and Health Care Issues)


Participants presented their research papers in parallel sessions


Social Program

ICSW Organizing Committee held  a social program , visiting social agency namely BINA LARAS in Cipayung, East Jakarta on 6th January 2019. Two keynote speakers Dr. Don Schweitzer of the Pacific University Oregon and Professor Adi Fahrudin of University of Muhammadiyah Jakarta, joined its program together with Participants of the conference.

Bina Laras Harapan Sentosa 2 Social Home is one of the social institutions under the  Jakarta Social Service Office, which accommodates people with mental disorders. Based on the Decree of the Minister of Social Affairs Number 50 / HUK / 2004, this social institution has the duty to provide services and social rehabilitation for psychotic ex-mentally disabled people, in order to be able to be independent and play an active role in society.

This institution is quite spacious. At least, there are three large guesthouse buildings that accommodate the assisted residents.  The place has two fish ponds containing tilapia seeds. dozens of rabbits and goats. All animals on the small farm are managed independently by the assisted residents.

This institution accommodates 606 people with mental disorders. Head of the Social Section for the Coaching of 2-Way Bina Laras Social Institutions Nurlaela said, ideally this institution would only accommodate 575 people with mental disorders. That number, it feels lame with only 28 people.


Government Social Agency for People with Mental Health Problems,
Cipayung East Jakarta



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