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georgeIn Memory of George Floyd, APASWE joins in condemning the killing of George Floyd. His killing is the latest at the hands of an institution in a country that sees itself as "the land of the free". Floyd's death came at a time when a pandemic is staring at humanity. Sadly, after all these years of civilization, a virus called racism has yet to be neutralized by many of us in ourselves and state's institutions. There are lessons to be learnt with the tragedy of Floyd's death. One that is clear, those shouting at human rights abuse of others, should focus on their own flaws - hypocrisy is starkly being exposed. Minorities, blacks in particular, are still being victimised. Racial profiling is rampant in those so-called champion of human rights countries.

We as social work educators must play a role in combating racism and other forms of discrimination. Slowly we must separate ourselves from the narratives of Eurocentric in our curriculum. An introduction on the subject of racism must be included in all schools where there are none. We in the Asia-Pacific region have collectively experienced racism in one form or another by the colonialists. Let us all rally around Floyd's dying words of "I can't breathe" to allow all to live peacefully devoid of discrimination.

APASWE would like to express its gratitude worldwide to all the nurses, doctors, orderlies, cleaners, refuse collectors, food deliverers, police officers, soldiers, postmen and women, maintenance personnel, social workers at the frontline, volunteers, immigration officers at the borders, airports and ports, and all essential services employees. Without you, the world as we know it now will not be able to function. You are the real heroes and indispensables. You have humbled most of us, us who have much more in terms of financial, intellect and physical assets

Endless THANK YOU. God bless


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Asian and Pacific Association for Social Work Education, Tackling New Challenging With a Fortified Organization 
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What is APASWE?

  • About 283 schools* of social work from some 20 countries and regions are members of APASWE.
  • APASWE is a non-profit and non-sectarian association.
  • It is an organization to promote social work education in the Asian and Pacific region to enhance social work and well-being in the society

* Schools is an inclusive and representative term that refers to universities, colleges, departments, facilities, institutes and programs that offer post-secondary education/training preparation of professionals in social work.



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